Sunday, September 21, 2008


So um my 17Th birthday is in 64 more days in case you were wondering. So that's about 63 more days for you to think about what to get me.

Most of all I really want a job but I don't think any of you can give me that.

I really want some new songs on my I pod so a i tunes gift card would be great.

That's the only gift card I would like so please don't get me any store gift cards or anything.

Cards with a little cash is good too.

Thanks, I will remind you in about a month.


Kim said...

Heather, can you be a little more specific on your birthday wishes? I'm not sure what you want.


Robin said...

You are definitely one of a kind Heather. Aren't you supposed to be at school?

JoAnn said...

i hope you all get her something...because i'm not.
i dont have a kid who is going to be 17...mine is only 4.

Heather said...


My time on here keeps getting messed up.

Im sorry Kim, would you like me to restate what I would like in a detail matter?